Hot new for HR-practitioners

Hot new for HR-practitioners

Usually, talking about our psychology, it is difficult to recommend psychological books to practice-oriented colleagues. Everyone is pointing to the fact that there is a huge gap between theory and practice. This situation is recognized by both scholars and practical psychologists. But this time everything is different. Promedia Consulting team is looking forward to read a new wonderful book.

The work, which I would like to talk today is written by Alexander Shmelev. He is one of the most admired by me native psychologists. On the one hand, he is a brilliant theoretician, a professor emeritus at MSU, an author of number of books and tutorials . And many psychologists have learned a lot from his works. On the other hand, he has many achievements in practice. He is one of the few who managed to monetize and to present scientific psychology on the market. He is the developer of a number of psychological tests and test computer systems. And his system of Internet services «HT-LINE» has become a communication platform for leading psychological experts in Russia and Ukraine.

Soon will be released his new book "PRACTICAL TESTING: Testing in education, applied psychology and human resource management." This is the result of 30 years of the most lively and direct experience, which is transformed to a volatile mix of theoretical psychology, psychometrics, testology, statistics and programming. The more you are prepared for reading this book, the more you learn. Geeks will be able to thoroughly understand the details of creating tests, especially checking their validity and reliability, computerization and automation of research procedures and much more. HR-s, managers, and organizational psychologists will be able to learn about the organizational, legal and technical challenges of testing, personnel adaptation to the test system implementation, and other intricacies of staff estimation.

The book also included a CD with a number of spreadsheets those illustrate the simple calculations required by practical testers. So all necessary steps can be freely reproduced by yourself. However, please note that the book does not contain tests, it will allow you to design your own tests and will give guidance on how and where to seek quality tests that will give you objective results with guarantee.

The total price of the book with delivery and an electronic copy is only 850 Russian rubles - absolutely ridiculous amount of money for such work. We strongly recommend yoy to use this option, and also it will be nice if you propose to buy the book to you friends, colleagues and managers. And then, hopefully, the number of sales will encourage the author to create new works that truly raises theirs readers to a new professional level.

The official publication of the book is appointed at the end of June and it will be the hot new for practicing psychologists during this summer. You can order your own copy by the following link: