Media services

Media Planning

Media planning is a procedure of selection of the most effective channels to broadcast messages with temporal, geographical and price certainty with the target audience. When you have already developed a strategy of action and know what to tell people, question about the channels of delivery of your message appears.

Press events (press conferences, press tours, briefings)

If media strategy includes press events, they will be successful only with the careful preparation. Most important factor to run effective press events is the speaker's willingness to report his or her position to journalists accurately, clearly and with understanding of the message context.

PR-campaigns and media campaigns, including PR crisis management

Проведение PR-кампаний и медиа кампаний предусматривает серию тактических действий, чтобы все, запланированное в медиаплане, реализовалось в готовых и размещенных в СМИ видеосюжетах, новостях, интервью, статьях, радиороликах, распространялось в социальных сетях и т. д.

Establish customer relationships with the press and media community

Establishment of customer relationships with the media is necessary to build a professional relationship with journalists. Understanding the needs of the media community, you will be able to convey your point of view on a particular issue to society.

Media audit

Media audit of Promedia Consulting will evaluate the effectiveness of your communications and PR-action and give recommendations for a qualitative change of the situation.