If the party have a vision, it will be viable

Elena Dantseva: "If the party show a vision of Ukraine development, it will be viable"

The head of Department of development and implementation of social technologies in Promedia Consulting Olena Dantseva assess the possible future of the UA "The Democrats" during interview with  reporters of Channel 9.

"Only time will show if this is the reincarnation of the "Front Zmin" or the new political project. Nowadays the opposition has forgotten that it should have two functions. In addition to criticism of the government, it should provide opposing policiy . There must be some new projects. If this party show a bright new political vision of Ukraine development, it will be viable. If it does not, it will just turn into a typical technological project. From my point of view, the "Front Zmin" is a very unfortunate name itself and this project proved to be unviable. It was necessary to re-brand it hardly and what is happening today - it's just such an attempt to rebrand", - commented Olena Dantseva on the creation of UA "Democrats".

As you know, MPs Andrii Pavelko and Volodymyr Polochaninov announced the creation of a new political party UA "Democrats", which began to engage former members of the "Front Zmin".

At this point deputies' factions of a new political force actively created in local councils of Dnipropetrovsk region.