"We need to look for an opportunity for dialogue and compromise"

Kyrylo Zakharov: "We need to look for an opportunity for dialogue and compromise"

- Now we're in touch with political psychologist Kyrylo Zakharov from Dnipropetrovsk. Kyrylo, now it's difficult to deal with emotions after watching a video of situation in Kerch and beating of protesters. Video that demonstrates a serious increase of radical emotions in society, inability to accept the views of the other position, which does not coincide with yours. Tell me, please, according to your estimation, in general, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, where you live, have this situation too? Do they hold the same radical differences of opinions? And what can we do?

- The first thing we should point is that throughout the last three months we have seen a polarization of society. We have TV channels which can be called the pro-opposition, and have channels that can be called pro-government. And each of them shares own point of view that implied bias in accordance with a particular political position. At the moment, these conflicts continue, and now the opportunity to stop it belong, on the one hand, to the authorities, the Verkhovna Rada, which has got an opportunity to re-run the state. On the other hand, journalists should bear and feel the responsibility. Situation where the TV channels continue to lodge information with a radically different point of view should be suspended. Media should stop estimate the situation with radical words. Conversely we need to try to convince the public that everything is all right, protests are over and the conflict does not need to continue.

- Kyrylo, please tell me, and if we can talk about reverse actions? You know, like in chemistry - reversible and irreversible processes. That is, from the compound we can again get the raw materials that are in the mix. Or we can't? In this case, if the process of this revolution is reversible? After all, political opposition and government escalated conflict, pronounced radical slogans - it was necessary to achieve their goals. Each of parties wished it. And do politicians can to manage this situation? Or this is beyond their capabilities, isn't it?

- From a psychological point of view, we are seeing phenomena of mass on the streets. We observe the crowd. And the crowd is a group of people which is difficult to control. We can't say that someone can control the crowd. In the best case the crowd can be guided by someone. And we must understand that its' quite difficult now for politicians who took power in parliament to resolve the situation. But they should work hard to deal with it.

Also we can draw attention to the situation in regions. At the moment, citizens of different cities fell monuments of Lenin, protest and picket at the regional authorities' buildings. And for people this situation must end with something. It must be so-called a "closing of gestalt." The current situation lasts a very long tome and now it should be finished. In my opinion, if the President in his last address expressed his willingness to resign and to sign the laws adopted by the Verkhovna Rada - it would be a such point that would satisfy people. Unfortunately, the situation is not completed yet.

- Perhaps overthrows of Lenin monuments are such points? Well, in the sense that, though, there is something visible which can decrease people's emotions.

- Yes. You have to understand that people, especially those who were in the eastern regions, in their majority had no opportunity to influence the authorities. In Dnepropetrovsk in late January when picketing regional state administration protesters were dispersed by authorities very tough. Authorities also used the armored gangs. And it is understandable that people now want to get at least some satisfaction from the victory that achieved in Kiev. And it is good that this energy results in this felling of monuments. It would be much worse if people again went to the regional state administration and tried to attack the police. That would be quite unnecessary, illogical and would have dire consequences.

- Kyrylo, but in fact, the demolition of monuments can decrease emotions of certain cohort of people. But it also can affect the other people who are unhappy with that. I do not know whether their more or less. That's something like situation we saw in Kerch, where the city inhabitants support the policy of the Russian Federation. They accepted a flag of the Russian Federation and are not satisfied with events what happened at the meeting of the Maidan supporters. How about those people who are not supporters of the demolition of monuments?

- Here in Dnepropetrovsk, there also a lot of people against the demolition of monuments. The situation remains tense. But this behavior at the moment is probably one of the few possible ways to resolve the issue. A war again monuments is better than war of people again people.

We must stress that authorities are now changing. And all those involved in politics must to look for an opportunity for dialogue and compromise. It should be aware that the current situation in the country is the result of the fact that, the opposition was never heard by the government. I know the European experience of parliamentarism. If there opposition deputy's factions have at least 5 members, their opinion will be considered anyway. What happened with us - for four years, starting from the victory of Viktor Yanukovych and the formation of so-called broad coalition of the Party of Regions, the opposition was simply ignored and treated as jesters who are engaged only in useless activities. And now the most important step for any politicians – is to establish a dialogue, first of all. And just yesterday in Dnipropetrovsk city council deputies gathered together and voted to dissolve the previously legalized gangs, then they voted together (the second time) to rename the Lenin Square in Square of Maidan Heroes. It is the attempt to seek a dialogue now. It is clear that this will not be a simple process. But only dialogue will reduce the existing tense.

- Kyrylo, according to your opinion, can this mirror point of view affect the current situation due to the fact that in the Verkhovna Rada, now the majority of people's deputies are representatives of the opposition? And, in particular, Yurii Miroshnichenko, the representative of the President in the Verkhovna Rada, the representative of the Party of Regions, said that today's formed broad coalition should include deputies of the Party of Regions. So opposite point of view must be heard. In your opinion, can be coalition formed this way? Or does the Party of Regions, which has already lost many of its members, does not have the confidence of the inhabitants of eastern regions, the Crimea and your city, Dnipropetrovsk?

- I believe that in any case, it's necessary to include Party of Regions to work of the new government. In particular, there is a sufficiently large number of people who were elected by majority districts and represent the interests, goals and aspirations of residents of eastern regions. Despite of everything what happened, these deputies are trying to find compromises. Now is a good position for the former opposition MPs to attract deputies of the Party of Regions to find common solutions for our country. Everyone should understand that, if deputies of the Party of Regions hadn't come the day before yesterday in the Verkhovna Rada, and together with the opposition voted for the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of troops, the conflict could go on and be much tougher. Involvement of Party of Regions in current government activities is a necessary and important process.