Media Planning

Media Planning

When you have already developed strategy of action and know what to tell people, question about the channels of delivery of your message appears.

Media planning is a procedure of selection of the most effective channels to broadcast messages with temporal, geographical and price certainty with the target audience.

Professional media planning allows you to choose the best budget for most complete delivery of your message to a particular group of people.

Typically, media planning must consider multiple channels of media - television, newspapers, radio, online, social media, outdoor media.

It should be understood that the city-light in Mongolia or news on music radio give your nothing to your media-campaign, if the problem is in policy of Ukraine.

You can check effectiveness of the media plan with a simple question: "What does this give us?". If you ask this question and answer this question regularly, then eventually you will understand what you should do. So, if you need media planning - you need specialists of Promedia Consulting.