Online survey

Online survey

Online marketing research provide unlimited opportunities to study consumers, markets and market segments, competitors, channels of distribution and trends. Never before companies have had the possibility to get from consumers so great amount of information.

Internet is increasingly being developed by specialists, psychologists as a new environment for organization and conduct surveys. A computer network provides a number of features that are absent in the usual tests, namely:

  • low cost of replicating materials;
  • wide geographical coverage;
  • does not require direct contact of subject and researcher;
  • Internet users are prepared to deal with the tests because most of them have already faced with a variety of psychological and other questionnaires on other sites;
  • anonymity that accompanies the interaction through the Internet can encourage respondents to be more open in answering sensitive questions;
  • in comparison of mailing self-administered questionnaires web surveys also bring significant savings in time;
  • collection and processing of data using online questionnaires is done automatically, eliminating the probability of input errors on the part of the data registrators.

Online surveys are optimal option in the case of remote inquiry or operative organizational research.

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