Training of members of district election commissions

Training of members of district election commissions

Organization of district election commissions (DEC) is the main thing that is necessary for a voting process. Unfortunately, the state can't organize qualitative training of DEC members. But this training is necessary to prevent violations of the electoral law and to protect the election results.

Promedia Counsulting offer intensive training of DEC members. It can be provided in different formats - from2-hour lectures and seminars to 8-hour full training.

The course is based on the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law "About Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine", the Civil Code of Ukraine, the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the Code of Administrative Offences. Also lessons include aspects that are not covered in the electoral legislation - regulations and decisions of the Central Electoral Commission. Training addresses the following questions:

  • The system of election commissions;
  • The rights and duties of DEC members;
  • The credentials of the commission;
  • DEC meeting and its features;
  • Basic procedures of DEC (work prior to election day);
  • DEC work on election day;
  • The counting of votes;
  • The protocol of vote counting and transporting protocol to the higher comission.

Training program also provides:

  • Remote online testing to meet the level of knowledge of future DEC members;
  • Developing of interactive Power Point presentation, if necessary with your corporate identity (logo, colors, etc.);
  • Consideration of changes in the electoral legislation (especially important in the case of participation of experienced DEC members);
  • Consideration of problem cases, situations, tasks that promote greater inclusion of participants in the training process and improves retention of information;
  • Consideration of experience of DEC members who have already taken part in the elections;
  • Review of acting in the case of violation of electoral legislation nad the legal consequences;
  • Final control of acquired knowledge and post-training support (online-control of DEC members' knowledge after a while).
  • Teaching materials that allow DEC members to respond to different situations in the election process .