Promedia Consulting: «Effectively promote to the goal!»

Promedia consulting is independent media agency created by professionals who representing various branches of communicative management.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in PR, journalism, applied research, group and individual learning, the creation of media products.

Professionals of Promedia consulting have completed more than 50 projects in various fields of PR (political, corporate, government, crisis, branding).

Our customers understand that properly organized communications create competitive advantages those are an investment in reputational capital, allow to implement long-term strategy of the individual, company of brand development.

Projects of Promedia consulting are based on scientific approaches and effective technological embodiment. Principles of our staff are responsible and personal approach to every client.

Promedia consulting provides a full range of communications services, including the following areas: development of PR-strategies and media campaign, working with new media, monitoring, analysis, qualitative and quantitative researchs, communication trainings.