Focus group

Focus group is a qualitative method of sociological and psychological research aimed at obtaining depth information from a small number of respondents. It takes the form of an informal discussion led by a trained facilitator (moderator), that directs the discussion on a pre-arranged plan.


The survey is one of the most common method of quantitative research. It can be used to create statistical or dynamic views on the state of society.

Online survey

Online marketing research provide unlimited opportunities to study consumers, markets and market segments, competitors, channels of distribution and trends. Never before companies have had the possibility to get from consumers so great amount of information.


Psychosemantics methods are used to measure an individual system of subjective values ​​of different objects to individuals. Psychosemantics occurred at the boundary between semiotics and psycholinguistics, the psychology of perception and identity.

Content analysis

Content analysis is a qualitative and quantitative method to define and evaluate specific characteristics of different types of discourse, psychological influence of media content, texts and other media (videos, interviews, answers in questionnaires, etc.).

Intention Analysis

Intention analysis allows to explore intentions of communicants behind their speech and how intentions impact on the organization of discourse. An important feature of intention analysis is its focus on the corresponding verbal materials and such their characteristics those are associated with the communication process and practical activities of dialog participants.


If you have a lot of data, then we can use special mathematical procedures to learn interesting conclusions from it. Our main tools are descriptive and inductive statistics.