Our Trainings

Training of members of district election commissions

Organization of district election commissions (DEC) is the main thing that is necessary for a voting process. Unfortunately, the state can't organize qualitative training of DEC members. But this training is necessary to prevent violations of the electoral law and to protect the election results.

Seminar "Successful newsbreak: technologies of development and management"

For those who want to become a unique newsmaker. Training workshop is designed for professionals of press services an public relations, journalists, marketers, businessmen and politicians.

Public Speaking Skills

If you want to be heard and understood, to speak with ease, to have fun from public speaking , then this training is for you. Most professional and personal issues are in the sphere of human communications. The heart of this problem are inability and uncertainty that can be easy overcomed if you desire.

Nonstandard decision-making under uncertainty

In business or politics in modern competitive conditions it is always important to be on the one step ahead of your competitor. Standard approaches do not work, because they can be quickly "calculated" by competitors and give them abilitise to quickly capture initiatives. Leg-up can be gained by player who offers a bright unusual and unexpected decisions.

Create an effective team

If you need to form a cohesive and effective team of like-minded people who are able to fulfill its objectives, to be responsible for performance of their activities, it is a good solution to take a team building training.